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A Spotlight On California Nursing Homes

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2014 | In The News |

The Sacramento Bee came out with an excellent 3-part series to find out who really owns nursing homes in California.  We encourage everybody to read this vital information here. Our very own Kathryn Stebner is quoted in the second article.

The need to go to a nursing home at some point in our lives is something we cannot truly predict. However, an increasing number of people require a stay at one of these facilities at some point in their lives. California has the most nursing homes of any other state in the US. How, then, are we expected to navigate the system when we need it most? 

The complex nature of these ownership structures ultimately makes it more difficult to hold the right people accountable when things unfortunately go wrong. As the articles note, there is no easy way for the average consumer to find out the true ownership of facility – especially when the chains use this multi-level ownership structure.

Stay tuned as we continue to update the blog. Coming features will include important questions to ask when choosing a nursing home, things to look for when researching a facility, and much more!

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