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In both my work and my personal life, I am very aware of the ravaging effects that dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can have on the elderly and those that care for them as these diseases rob people of their memories, their life experiences, and their voices. Last weekend, I was lucky enough to attend a screening of Alive Inside, a documentary by filmmaker Michael Rosatto-Bennett, which chronicles Dan Cohen in his mission to bring music to people around the country suffering from dementia and, in turn, to restore their seemingly long-gone senses of joy and self. 

If you haven’t heard about Alive Inside, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Watching the film and listening to Rosatto-Bennett speak about the impact that making this movie had on him personally left me teary-eyed, blubbering and covered with goosebumps. The simple act of providing these people with their favorite tunes brought them out of the shadows. 

You can watch the full movie on iTunes or Amazon. If you, too, are inspired and are looking for a way to give back and do something good this holiday season, check out Cohen’s non-profit for information on how you can donate your time, iPods, or dollars to support this fantastic cause and bring a little bit of joy back to elders and others with dementia in your neck of the woods.

Happy weekend everybody!

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