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Long-term care facility neglect and bedsores

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2019 | Long-term Care Facility Neglect |

Did you know that the development of bedsores (aka pressure ulcers) is a preventable phenomenon? The presence of bedsores is a massive problem in California nursing homes, leading family members to believe that the issue is unavoidable. In truth, when residents suffer from ongoing and persistent bedsores, it may indicate that long-term care facility neglect is the true culprit.

It is safe to assume that most nursing home workers care about their patients and work hard to make residents healthy, safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, many of these facilities are understaffed. When there are not enough employees to go around, the risk of long-term care facility neglect leading to patient health concerns increases.

Preventing bedsores is not difficult. Some of the techniques used in preventing these ulcers include:

  • Frequent repositioning of immobile residents — every two hours when lying down and every 30 minutes when sitting up
  • Foam leg supports to prevent pressure on susceptible body parts (e.g., hips)
  • Regular inspection of residents — caregivers should check residents for signs of potential bedsores on a regular basis
  • Special mattresses made of gel, air, foam or water to allow caregivers the ability to adjust them as necessary

Even though understaffing and other nursing home problems are understandable, the health and safety of residents should always remain in sharp focus. Those who suspect that long-term care facility neglect has harmed their loved one may find justice and compensation by consulting with an experienced attorney. A legal remedy has the added advantage of increasing awareness about the health and safety issues that plague American nursing facilities.

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