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The mental toll of financial abuse

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2020 | Financial Abuse |

When people think about the consequences of financial abuse, they often focus on the economic hardships that victims face. While these are definitely very hard for those subjected to financial abuse, it is important for victims and their loved ones to understand other ways in which this abuse shatters lives. For example, many struggle from a mental point of view.

For elderly victims of financial abuse, various mental and emotional challenges are common. Depression, high levels of stress and even anger make daily life even more difficult for many people who are taken advantage of.

The emotional toll of abuse

Many people are devastated when they find out that a care provider, financial planner, friend or family member is taking advantage of them financially. Often, people feel helpless in this position, especially when they suffer at the hands of someone who is responsible for their well-being. Anxiety arises for many reasons, whether a victim is unsure of what to do next or they face financial pressure following the abuse. Moreover, many people experience depression and those with existing emotional challenges often have an especially hard time.

Addressing abuse

It is crucial for those who experience financial abuse to take control of their lives and look into their legal options. Also, if your loved one is suffering due to financial abuse, you need to step in and offer support. Aside from financial abuse, other forms of abuse that affect elderly victims (such as physical or sexual abuse) also carry a heavy emotional toll. Our law office addresses many aspects of elder abuse and fraud on our website.

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