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America is aging. Not only that, but aging looks different these days. 

Fewer of our elders are cohabiting with their families. There are higher rates of mental degradation and physical disability that go along with the overall increased age of the population. 

These and other factors create a unique situation in our nation’s history and a new challenge to our legal rights. We believe the same rules should still apply. Regardless of where someone lives, how old they are or their current health levels, we believe that nobody deserves abuse. 

Freedom from violence

Nursing homes and residential living facilities should be safe places. Unfortunately, high staff turnover, long hours and, in some cases, rampant institutional greed sometimes lead to unacceptable failures to meet even the basic levels of safety. 

Nobody should have to live in fear of a caregiver. No one should expect to have a nurse or an orderly abuse them, physically or sexually. It just should not happen. 

Freedom from influence 

These transgressions are not always physical. People in positions of trust sometimes abuse their influence, convincing elders to give gifts, provide inheritances or share financial decision-making powers. 

Alone, these acts are not necessarily abuse. Presents are perfectly acceptable. Anyone should have the right to will their assets to loved ones. Some people need help making important choices about their finances, especially later in life. 

There is a limit, however. As people grow older, we face a greater risk of mental decline or impairment. Emotions change and become more malleable. It does not happen to everyone — but it happens often enough that malicious actors target elders with scams, confidence schemes and fraud with the intent to reap personal financial gain. This is simply unacceptable. 

We believe that everybody deserves dignity and respect. The attorneys at our firm have dedicated their professional lives to this ideal. Every day, we fight to hold people and corporations accountable for their contributions to the disturbing trend of elder abuse. 

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