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Key characteristics of elder financial abuse victims

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Growing older brings about unique challenges that stem from cognitive and health decline. Many seniors (women in particular) become victims of financial and elder abuse. Elderly adults who require assistance with their health, financial and legal affairs are ultimately at the mercy of those they trust and depend on. Even still, some seniors fall prey to the sinister whims of untrustworthy people.

As the adult child of a senior parent, you may find yourself searching for ways to protect them from the pitfalls of financial and elder abuse. To protect your parent from becoming a scam or elder abuse victim, consider the following characteristics that may make them a target.


Some family members, friends, caregivers and other trusted parties use older people to further their personal or financial goals. They take advantage of their elders by lying, mistreating, and manipulating them until they achieve their interests. Some common causes of elder and financial abuse due to a breach in fiduciary or personal trust include physical mistreatment, coercion, fraud, etc.

Social activity level

Seniors who tend to stay to themselves or avoid social interactions are targets for financial and elder abuse perpetrators. Abusers find it easy to manipulate and steal from seniors who have infrequent contact with their loved ones and family members and exhibit extreme independence.

Mental or physical health

Older people who suffer from cognitive or physical concerns may rely on others for support, making them targets because they struggle to recall conversations, make sound decisions and avoid events/people. Abusers use multiple tactics, including physical and mental abuse, manipulation and threats to get what they want.

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