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Elder abuse comes in numerous forms

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Your elderly relative has been completely independent for decades. They’ve looked after their own health, finances and other aspects of life. They’ve even dedicated much of their time to helping other people.

Unfortunately, age has caught up with them, and it is your turn to provide them with a little help. The family decides jointly that it’s in the best interests of your relative to place them in a nursing home. These facilities are designed to make the lives of elderly people a little easier.

Unfortunately, they don’t always deliver on this duty and abuse can occur. Outlined below are some of the more common types of elder abuse.


Your elderly family member has always been extremely proud of their home and appearance. On your last few visits, you’ve noticed that their room is a mess and their clothes are disheveled. Are they receiving the support they need in terms of managing hygiene?

You may also notice that they appear to have lost weight. Their clothes are baggy and they look drawn out in the face. It’s vital that elderly people continue to get the nutrients they need once they have taken residence in a nursing home. The responsibility for their well-being ultimately falls on the facility.

Financial abuse

When you were researching which facility was the best for your loved one, you also assisted them with estate planning needs. You found a helpful support network that got the estate plan up to date. Now, your family member apparently wants to update their will, to include a member of staff in the facility. If this seems strange to you, then it is worth investigating further. Modifications to a will may be legitimate, but they can also be coerced by people who are caring for them.

Elderly people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and your family members are no exception. If you feel that abuse has occurred, make sure you look into your legal options as soon as possible.

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