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Should the elderly tip nursing home workers? 

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2022 | Elder Abuse |

Your loved one is in a nursing home, and they seem to be in fairly good physical health. What you’re concerned about is that they’re being abused financially.

Perhaps your loved one told you that they’ve been giving financial gifts to the nursing home workers. Maybe they call them tips, the same way that you would tip a waiter or waitress. Should they do this?

Most facilities prohibit it

As a general rule, most elder care facilities prohibit tipping or any sort of financial exchange. It’s very important to know the rules that are in place at this facility.

However, even if the facility doesn’t explicitly prohibit it, this is still a major red flag for you and your family. The reason that these workers are usually not allowed to be tipped is that it could lead to exploitation. 

Perhaps a care worker told your elderly loved one that they wouldn’t help them take a shower or bring them to the dining room at mealtime without being tipped, for instance. They’re simply exploiting that person’s physical condition for their own financial gain.

This is perhaps most common with individuals who already have some sort of memory issues or cognitive issues. In a case like this, the workers may be hoping that the person won’t remember what has happened or won’t relate it to others. If your loved one has told you what’s going on, then you should be concerned and it is worth looking into a bit deeper.

In a situation where it becomes clear that your loved one has been financially abused, then you may need to start looking into all of your legal rights, as well. 

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