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What are some signs of elder abuse?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2022 | Elder Abuse |

An elderly person who lives in a nursing home or assisted living center needs to know that they’re going to get the proper care. They are dependent on those caregivers.

Unfortunately, many elderly people do not get the care that they need. Instead, they may even suffer from the abuse. In situations where abuse isn’t directly occurring, they may still suffer from neglect. What signs should you look for?

Personality changes

In some cases, there’s no physical evidence of the abuse. But your loved one’s personality may change, as they become withdrawn or even depressed. Whenever there’s a significant change, consider what it may mean. Physical abuse can still take a massive emotional and mental toll on someone, especially if it is happening on a consistent basis. 

Unexplained injuries

Perhaps the most obvious example of evidence of abuse is an injury that can’t be explained. Even in cases when the injuries can be explained, such as if the caregiver says that the elderly person slipped and fell, you may want to question if they’re telling the truth or not.

Failing hygiene

One thing that people often overlook is that a lack of hygiene could mean that abuse or neglect is taking place. For instance, a caregiver may refuse to help your loved one shower or walk, leading to falls, and this could be seen as a form of abuse. Or they may neglect to bring the person the food and water they need, leading to malnutrition and dehydration.

If you believe that your loved one is being neglected or abused by their caregivers, then you need to know what legal options you have to protect them and put an end to it.

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