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Issues related to the use of physical restraints in nursing homes

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When it comes to nursing homes or elder abuse, there are some situations where family members don’t realize it is occurring. 

A classic example of this is the use of restraints. Today, restraints are often used in nursing homes to protect individuals from harming themselves or reducing liability on the facility. Unfortunately, this may be a form of abuse and harm an older adult both physically and mentally

Potential issues related to the use of restraints on the elderly

Physically, restraints can cause cuts or bruises to the elderly person where they are attached to their body. Restraints may also result in side rail deaths or entrapment. 

If restraints are used continually, they can cause the individual to develop issues related to various body systems. They may be positioned one way, never rotated or moved, which can result in pressure sores and potentially fatal infections. Also, the inability to move can result in an elderly person developing poor circulation, weak muscles and extreme agitation. 

When limited by restraints, elderly nursing home residents may also become withdrawn because they cannot move around and engage in social activities. This can lead to depression and other mental health concerns.

Dealing with nursing home abuse caused by the use of restraints

You can take legal action if you believe a loved one has been injured or is suffering due to the unnecessary use of restraints in a nursing home or care facility. It’s important to learn your rights and exercise these to ensure your loved one gets the quality care they deserve and to hold the responsible party liable for their actions. 

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