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Was a nursing home fall actually unavoidable?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2023 | Elder Abuse |

Falls can be incredibly dangerous for the elderly in a nursing home. Due to the frailty of their bodies, they can suffer serious injuries, and these falls can even become fatal. It’s one of the main things that people try to avoid at this age, and that’s the type of care you are hoping for in a nursing home

That being said, some falls are going to happen simply because people are growing older and they may struggle with mobility issues. If your loved one was injured in a fall, the nursing home may tell you that it was unavoidable and unfortunate. But is that actually true?

Negligence or abuse

First of all, a fall could certainly be an example of negligence by the staff. They’re supposed to provide adequate care and proper supervision. They know that some individuals need assistance doing things like taking a shower or going to the dining room to eat. If they failed to provide that assistance, then the fall was not unavoidable. It happened precisely because of that failure.

Whether or not this is abuse may depend on the intent. For example, if a staff member simply forgets to help an elderly person when they are supposed to, that may be an example of negligence. It is still their fault, but they never intended for harm to happen. But if the staff member intentionally refuses to help your loved one, and then they suffer a fall, it could be an example of abuse that goes beyond mere negligence.

In either case, it is very important for you and your family to know about all of your legal options.

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