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Who is liable in a nursing home abuse case?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2024 | Elder Abuse |

When an elderly loved one enters a nursing home, it is expected that they are treated with utmost care. They are likely in a nursing home because they need round-the-clock medical care or other kinds of support in their life. Nursing home owners have to find the right kind of employees to provide a duty of care to residents.

If an elderly loved one suffers from injuries or abuse, then someone may be held liable. Elderly loved ones, family members and caretakers may be able to recover damages from liable parties.  It is often assumed that employees are liable for an elderly person’s injuries because they are mainly responsible for their care. If an elderly loved one suffers injuries, it could be a result of negligence or abuse from an employee. 

However, knowing who else might be liable for an elderly loved one’s injuries could improve a case. Here is what you should know:

Holding nursing home owners liable for a loved one’s injuries 

Nursing home owners have a duty of care toward residents. This can include providing proper training to staff, hiring employees with an experienced background, monitoring staff activities and providing a nursing home with adequate supplies, such as food, water, medication and medical equipment. If a nursing home owner neglects their responsibilities to residents, then they could have played a role in their injuries and abuse. 

If it is clear that a nursing home owner or employees failed to provide an elderly loved one adequate care, which resulted in their injuries, then a legal claim can be made. 


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