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Falls In A Nursing Home Can Cause Serious Injury And Death

Falls resulting from a drop during a transfer, getting out of bed or a lack of supervision can all lead to serious injury for an elderly person. Falls are common among the elderly and under certain circumstances, can be considered physical elder abuse or neglect. At Stebner Gertler Guadagni & Kawamoto in San Francisco, California, we hold facilities charged with the care of seniors responsible for their negligence.

When a senior citizen or dependent adult is in a care facility and has demonstrated a pattern of falls or has shown that he or she is obviously at risk, the facility is responsible for devising a plan of care that takes steps to limit these risks. When they fall short, the elderly get hurt. Contact us at 800-610-9641.

Nursing Homes May Be Responsible When Your Loved One Falls

Statistics show that up to 50 percent of nursing home residents fall each year and about 10 percent of falls result in serious injury. In a nursing home or another care facility, each fall is considered an unusual incident. A pattern of falls indicates that the resident needs closer attention or a higher level of care. Those events should be legally documented and reported to the family and the proper authorities.

Holding Negligent Nursing Home Staff Accountable For Falls

At Stebner Gertler Guadagni & Kawamoto, our attorneys advocate for clients whose elderly family members exhibit a pattern of falls that is not addressed. Not reporting them to the family or authorities will only continue the pattern, resulting perhaps in hip fractures and death. The facility tasked to care for the elderly must have adequate, attentive and qualified staff.

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