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What Is A Home Health Agency?

Generally, home health agencies provide in-home skilled services such as nursing, social services, physical and/or occupational therapy along with other custodial services such as housekeeping or assistance with personal care.

Home health care is often a good choice for those who require care due to acute illness, long-term health conditions, permanent disability or terminal illness but do not need to be in a hospital or nursing home. Home health care is generally recommended by a physician either in lieu of a hospital stay or in order to shorten the recovery time in the hospital.

Common Complaints Against Home Health Agencies:

  • Untrained staff
  • Failure to notify physician of changes
  • Failure to train family to provide care
  • Failure to adequately treat bedsores

In the state of California, the Department of Health Services regulates home health care agencies. Home health care professionals are licensed, certified or registered, either with an agency or as an independent contractor, to provide services in the home. They are typically nurses, CNAs or other trained professionals familiar with first aid, medication administration and food preparation, among other things.

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