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Lack Of Supervision Can Cause An Unsafe Environment

A lack of supervision in a nursing home can result in injuries or death for a resident who decides to wander. At Stebner Gertler Guadagni & Kawamoto in San Francisco, California, we are committed solely to protecting the elderly from this dangerous level of neglect.

As one of only a few California-based law offices that focus exclusively on elder neglect and abuse litigation, our attorneys bring experience and dedication when an unsupervised elderly family member is injured or a loved one dies after wandering. Contact us at 800-610-9641.

The Serious Consequences Of Wandering

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities should be equipped with alarms and devices (wander guard) that prevent wandering off or immediately notify staff when a resident has left his or her room or the building. A controlled environment can suddenly become unsafe, mandating that staff be attentive at all times. Falling short of that obligation can have serious and even deadly consequences.

Nursing Homes Must Notify You And Implement A Plan

At Stebner Gertler Guadagni & Kawamoto, we hold facilities responsible for caring for the elderly and accountable when they fall short in their obligations. Proper funding to maintain qualified staff at adequate levels is vital. A nursing home or assisted living facility resident suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s requires diligent supervision. When an elderly person who suffers from dementia does wander off without supervision, the incident requires notification to his or her family members and the authorities.

Implementing a plan that involves putting that family member in a locked room or facility may be an important first step. Without notification or a plan, the wandering does not stop and can result in serious injury.

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