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Protect your elderly relative from financial troubles

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2021 | Elder Abuse |

Your elderly relative has most likely managed their taxes, financial statements, business interests and employment for decades. Not only that, they have probably taken care of you for a number of years as well. Unfortunately, the reality is that this is not sustainable forever. There will come a point in time where an older person is no longer to take so much on. When this time arrives, they will rely on you to protect them from both exploitation and financial woes.

There are a number of steps available to protect your elderly relative from getting into difficulties with finances. Perhaps the most important factor is to recognize the early signs that they are no longer able to cope. Outlined below are some useful ways to protect your elderly relative from financial troubles.

The status of credit and bills

The world is constantly evolving and financial matters are not immune from this. There may have been a time where your loved one was fully aware of their income and outgoings, the dates that things needed to be paid as well as methods of doing this. In reality, staying on top of bills and other financial obligations is not easy for elderly people. Many financial transactions are carried out digitally and bills are moving away from a paper form. Consequently, it is easy for your older family members to fall behind on payments. If you happen to spot overdue notices when you visit, it could be a sign that they need some assistance. Recognizing this early could prevent matters from getting out of hand.

Look out for scams

Unfortunately, those who propagate financial scams often target the elderly. It could be helpful if you pay special attention to who your relative is talking to about financial matters. Reputable individuals and firms will typically not seek to make a disproportionate profit from their elderly customers.

As your relatives get older, they become more susceptible to financial troubles and scams. Taking an active interest could protect them. If you feel that they have been exploited, then there are legal options open to you.

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