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Is digital elder abuse a growing problem?

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2024 | Elder Abuse |

When people discuss elder abuse, what often comes to mind is elderly people suffering cuts, bruises and broken bones from aggressive healthcare workers. The other thing that people often think about is neglect, such as not cleaning an elderly person, which can lead to infections and other medical conditions.

Another kind of elder abuse that many people do not know about is digital abuse. Digital abuse may be an increasing problem as more elderly people rely on technology to communicate with loved ones. Here is how digital elder abuse happens:

The “Nigerian Prince” scam

One of the oldest scams that target elderly people is the “Nigerian Prince.” This scam often begins with an email to an elderly person with someone asking for money or claiming that someone won money. An elderly person who responds to this email may have their personal information stolen.

Fake family social media accounts

Technology has gone a long way, such as AI technology, and scammers are using it to trick even more people. Scammers can use AI technology to imitate other people’s faces and voices to convince elderly people that loved ones are reaching out to them for financial help. This often leads elderly people into a false sense of security as they believe they are helping someone close to them.

When an elderly loved one is financially abused, it can severely affect their health. Letting a scammer get away with abusing the elderly will only lead to more victims. It can help to reach out for legal guidance to address this issue. 

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