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An uncomfortable glance at long-term care facility neglect

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2019 | Long-term Care Facility Neglect |

Thanks to modern medicine and technology, people are living longer and healthier lives. Many elders are able to care for themselves well into their older years while still participating in soul-nourishing activities and events. Unfortunately, there may still come a day when families may need to seek long-term care for their elders. This is a big cause of concern for many who fear their loved one may fall victim to abuse or neglect.

When a sick or elderly family member suffers from obvious abuse in a care facility, the authorities can step in and make arrests, but what about neglect? Further, what if an elder you love suffers from long-term care facility neglect that may be quite subtle? We want you to know that you have legal options if you believe your loved one is suffering from neglect. Examples of such neglect include:

  • Not providing elders with proper food and water
  • Not bathing patients or their clothing
  • Not giving patients their medication or overmedicating residents
  • Not attending to any injuries patients may have
  • Not making sure patients and elders are properly supervised

Long-term care facility neglect can take many forms. Often, family members must rely on their own observations of their loved one to make a determination. We urge anyone in California that suspects long-term care facility neglect to reach out for legal assistance. Working with an advocate familiar with the different forms of elder neglect gives you the best chance of finding a satisfactory legal solution. To those that wish to improve their knowledge of elder neglect or abuse, we invite you to continue reading the information on our elder law website.

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