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How can I prove elder financial abuse?

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Elder financial abuse occurs when someone fraudulently takes assets or money from an older person. It can occur in many ways, such as direct theft of belongings or embezzlement of funds from a bank account. 

Anyone can commit this crime, including family members, professionals and strangers. You may be unaware that it is occurring until your loved one starts experiencing financial issues as a result. When you do discover the problem, you will need to compile evidence to prove what happened and who did it in order to win a court case against the perpetrator. 


The California Department of Justice says you should be aware of the signs of elder financial abuse as this can lead you to evidence. Some signs include unauthorized withdraws from bank accounts, missing items around the home, changes in services and unpaid bills. You may also notice someone new in your loved one’s life or see a change in your loved one’s personality where it seems he or she is hiding something. 


You may be able to discover evidence by tracking bank or account statements. You can install cameras in your loved one’s home. You may also be able to trace activity back to the person responsible by looking over documentation showing signs of abuse. 

You should always ask your loved one about anything that seems off. While he or she may not be aware of what is happening, he or she may be able to give you information that is helpful and points you in the right direction of evidence that can help you prove the case. 

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