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Elder abuse and dementia

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2020 | Elder Abuse |

Whether you are struggling with dementia or you have a parent or grandparent struggling with some type of dementia, it is important to understand the different challenges that often arise with this condition. Many people struggle with Alzheimer’s disease and according to the National Center on Elder Abuse, it is believed that a majority of states will have an increase in the number of older adults with Alzheimer’s.

In fact, the NCEA reports that more than five million people over the age of 65 have dementia. Sadly, dementia can make people vulnerable with regard to elder abuse and many people are mistreated due to their mental condition.

Dementia and vulnerability

Sadly, those with dementia are especially vulnerable when it comes to elder abuse. The NCEA outlines some of the ways in which older adults with dementia are more likely to experience abuse, whether they have memory problems that prevent them from reporting mistreatment or they are mistreated by a caregiver they depend on. Sometimes, people with dementia struggle to communicate effectively and others are ashamed to report abuse or afraid of retaliation if they come forward.

Dementia and the prevalence of abuse

According to the NCEA, the prevalence of abuse for those with dementia is difficult to measure, especially since many victims are hesitant or unable to report abuse. Moreover, the rate of neglect and abuse varies from one study to the next, with some studies reporting that more than half of those with dementia are subjected to abuse. If you have dealt with any of these hardships, or a loved one is experiencing abuse, you need to address the mistreatment promptly.

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