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5 common signs of elder abuse

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2023 | Elder Abuse |

Many people hope that their family members are cared for when placed in healthcare facilities. Unfortunately, many elderly people are abused by staff members.

Family members who fear their elderly loved ones are victims of abuse may need to watch for the following signs: 

Bedsores and infections

Bedsores are a kind of wound created when pressure is placed on the body and blood flow is restricted. Many elderly people develop bedsores when they are neglected. Nursing home staff may not take the proper steps to move patients to avoid bedsores. Bedsores can also develop life-threatening infections if faculty do not treat the wounds.

Unexplainable cuts, burns and bruises 

Elderly people may easily develop bruises from minor falls or bumps. However, if a bruise is not explainable then there could be signs of elder abuse. Repeated bruises, cuts and burns may indicate that a faculty member is taking advantage of an elderly patient.

Missing funds or assets

A caretaker may financially abuse the elderly. Financial abuse could be as simple as taking valuable jewelry or possessions from the elderly. Or, an elderly person may sign away certain rights, such as access to their bank accounts and social security. 

Verbal and emotional withdrawal 

Many elderly people struggle to adapt to living in healthcare facilities. However, if an elderly person’s behavior suddenly changes, there could be signs of abuse. An elderly person could suddenly become verbally and emotionally withdrawn because they were abused or threatened by a faculty member. 

New will or power of attorney 

A caretaker may abuse an elderly person by coercing them into making a new will or naming the caretaker as a power of attorney. The caretaker could then exploit the elderly person and claim assets for themself. 

When it’s suspected that a loved one is a victim of elderly abuse, family members may need to learn about their legal options. 

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