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Elder abuse is not always physical

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2023 | Elder Abuse |

Some types of elder abuse are physical, and family members will see physical injuries and signs of this abuse. These could include cuts or bruises that are unexplained, for example. There could also be issues of negligence, such as bedsores that go untreated.

But it’s also important to remember that elder abuse isn’t always physical and so these physical signs may not exist. That doesn’t mean that abuse isn’t happening, and family members need to be aware. Let’s look at two other types of abuse that may occur, but which may not leave the same physical marks.

Financial abuse 

Financial abuse often occurs when someone uses their position of power to exploit the elderly person. For instance, maybe a caregiver in a nursing home refuses to help a resident without extra compensation. There can also be cases of fraud, where elderly individuals are tricked or manipulated out of valuable possessions or financial assets. Caregivers have a unique level of access that enables them to do this, and they may know when an elderly person has experienced cognitive decline and would be easier to manipulate.

Emotional abuse 

Additionally, many elderly individuals suffer from emotional abuse. This can create a hostile living environment for them, and it can be very draining and stressful. They may be belittled, insulted or constantly made to feel like a burden. Emotional abuse sometimes goes along with issues like physical or sexual abuse. 

What can you do?

If you suspect that your loved one is experiencing any type of abuse, then you need to know exactly what legal options you have. There are steps you can take to put into it, as no one deserves to live in those conditions.


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