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Home care owner convicted of elder abuse and manslaughter

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2019 | Elder Abuse |

Caring for the elderly is a massive responsibility. While it comes with many rewards, it is not the right career choice for everyone. Perhaps that is why elder abuse occurs in the first place–because the person providing care is not suited to perform the job. Whatever the reason mistreatment happens, elder abuse is an ongoing danger for many older Americans throughout the nation.

To punctuate this point, the owner of a California senior assisted living facility recently received a conviction on several charges revolving around the death of one of the facility’s residents. The victim, who suffered from dementia, wandered away from the facility and remained missing in the dark for several hours. Unfortunately, the patient suffered a pedestrian/vehicle accident while trying to cross a road and died from his injuries.

A court handed down a conviction on charges of involuntary manslaughter as well as elder abuse. What complicates this tragic accident is the fact that the facility, known as the Manse on Marsh Residential Care Facility for the Elderly in San Luis Obispo, did not actually have a license to care for residents with dementia. Despite this, the owner “ordered the facility to admit him anyway” according to a news story.

Residential care facilities must follow the rules and regulations set forth by governing agencies. When owners choose to ignore these regulations, perhaps in an effort to increase their profits, it puts older citizens at risk for elder abuse in its many forms. In this case, outright neglect or staff inability to provide proper care may have played a role in this victim’s death.

It is important for family members to check a facility’s licensing credentials before enrolling their elders. This way, families can rest easy knowing that their loved one is receiving the right care for any condition’s the resident may suffer from. Those who suspect elder abuse or neglect can find help quickly by reaching out to a legal professional.

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