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The Need For A Skilled Care Center To Provide Elder Care

Residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFEs) and assisted living facilities (ALFs) are not medical facilities. When their actions or inactions violate state law and result in resident injuries or death, we hold them accountable at Stebner Gertler Guadagni & Kawamoto in San Francisco, California.

Make sure that the proper medical care is left to qualified, educated and trained professionals. Staff members at RCFEs and ALFs can only do more harm than good. For help, contact us at 800-610-9641.

The Need For RCFEs And ALFs

Residential care facilities for the elderly provide room, board, supervision and assistance with daily activities for residents aged 60 or older. Those residents are not able to live alone, but do not require the level of care offered by a nursing home or hospital.

Assisted living facilities often offer residents a private apartment connected to a central social area, kitchen and dining room. ALFs offer residents the ability to “age in place,” allowing the elderly or disabled to maintain his or her independence while still getting assistance with housekeeping, personal care and meal preparation.

When RCFEs And ALFs Engage In Abuse Or Neglect

When staff at an RCFE or ALF treats medical issues prohibited by the state, your already sick loved one could suffer further injuries that could result in the loss of his or her life. We have the knowledge and experience you need to see that justice is served when your elderly family member has been victimized by abuse or neglect.

Stebner Gertler Guadagni & Kawamoto is one of only a few California-based law firms that focus on elder abuse and neglect. Kathryn Stebner, our founder, authored the chapter covering these topics in the California Bar Exam book.

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